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Maddie Poppewinner of american idol ABC’s inaugural season in 2018, recently released their new song, “The One that Got Away.” On the show, Maddie introduced herself as an indie/folk type artist. But eventually, she began to wonder what her musical direction should be.

During quarantine during the pandemic and after Hollywood Records/19 Recordings dropped her contract, Maddie did some soul-searching. She decided to make drastic changes.

“I dyed my hair black”, Maddie tell people, where the music video for “The One That Got Away” premiered. “I kept telling myself that if I was really going to start over, I better start over completely.”

Finding your musical style meant finding yourself.

“I feel like for a while I just wanted to do what other people wanted me to do,” she told People. “I lived to please others. And I felt that since people were voting for my kind of folk/americana sound on american idol, it was the sound that I had to have, because they are the ones who put me here, you know? That’s when I realized I needed to love what I was producing.

Maddie wrote the song in the summer of 2021 with Connor Pledger and Scott Robinson.

“I wanted to get the same feelings from the music I put out that I would get from listening to some of my favorite artists,” Maddie said. “But it took time to get there. There were times when I was really frustrated. I didn’t even know who I wanted to be and what sound I wanted to be. But then we landed on this song, and I knew that was it.

The new music video includes a familiar face. Maddie’s longtime boyfriend, Caleb Lee Hutchinsonwho also competed on american idol season 16 and came in 2nd place, appears as a detective who throws Maddie’s character in jail. He also came up with the concept for the video.

Caleb was the ‘genius behind it all’

“Caleb is so creative and good at everything he does,” Maddie said. “But also, we were on a budget. He worked for cheap! But yeah, there was never any question of him being in the video. We needed a detective and I think he was perfect for the role. Caleb and co-director Sam Aldrich filmed the video not far from Caleb’s home in Nashville.

“Initially, I had a whole other idea in the works, and it was just very overwhelming,” Maddie said. “But Caleb said, ‘Live it…why don’t you do this?’ He really came up with the whole concept and made it happen and directed me and told me what I was doing wrong and what I should be doing better, he was the genius behind it all.

Maddie and Caleb were seen together recently performing a duet ‘Islands in the Stream’ from Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers on the “Great Idol Reunion” special that aired earlier this month.

Maddie will be on tour this summer. For more information and tickets, check HERE.

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