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Arfius Al-din was born in Rajshahi City (December 28, 1996) and grew up in the main capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka City. In high school, he started writing rap songs and poetry as a creator. Arfius Al-din also became a good reciter of Bangla poems in his school life. He won many awards at this time. He read many books from an early age and where he also explored his writing skills. He recently verified his own Spotify music artist account.

As a Bangladeshi musical artist and digital creator, Arfius Al-din create a lot of music content on different types of social platforms. He is also a lyricist, poem reciter, fashion blogger, writer and entrepreneur in Bangladesh. He founded a digital medium called ‘Arfius Collection’. He is also an actor, he made a drama called “GUJOB” which is being produced on the YouTube & Facebook platform in 2020.

Arfius Collection:

Arfius Collection is a digital multimedia platform where digital content is published in Bangladesh. Arfius Collection also produces numerous vlogs on YouTube channels. There is a professional team that controls this media platform in a professional manner.

Arfius Al-din discovered he had a gift for songwriting after putting his lyrics to music for his family and friends. At the youngest age of his life he also traveled outside the country and saw people of a different kind of culture all over the world. Which will help her later to be more creative in her life. Discovering his passion for music through poetry prompted him to seek more than just the daily workflow.

One of his quotes is “My curiosity drives me to explore innovative things to do and I always see my success as an inspiration and my failure as a new experience.”

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