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Some electronic music producers never get much attention outside of their niche, but Avalon Emerson seems likely to avoid that fate. In 2016, she released critically acclaimed records on Whities – an imprint of Young Turks, which enjoyed great success with highly accessible indie groups like xx and Chairlift – and Ghostly International, an eclectic label that served as the home. for dance producers with an indie-rock appeal (Matthew Dear) and instrumental rockers with # 1 records (Tycho).

These outfits, which are difficult to narrow down to a single sound but consistently play music that finds an audience among different groups of listeners, go well with Emerson. “My style of production and what interests me are constantly changing,” she said. Dance billboard via Skype from his apartment in Berlin. “My records sound strangely different from record to record.”

On January 7, Emerson returned to San Francisco, where she began DJing and producing dance music, for a concert at Public Works. (She follows that up with a gig at Far Away in Los Angeles on the 14th). Arizona as a teenager. In San Francisco, “I lived in this pretty big communal warehouse where a bunch of international students lived and people from all over,” Emerson explained. “We would have parties and I would play the DJ there and edit songs that turned into original productions.” During the day, she worked in the start-up world of San Francisco.

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