Baffour Anim the black musical artist who follows “no rules”




Baffour popularly known as Ba4, is a musician like no other and a man of many talents.

The Ghanaian-born the singer-songwriter has mixed what seems to be all genres with influences from jazz, funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop and classical music.

The star out of the ordinary, Ba4 attracts attention with his hit “Dirt” and has made significant strides in building a reputation as a magician in the field of digital influence. He works as hard as ever to bring his fans the best music, but also to be the voice of those who are often left behind.

Nowadays, many artists are constantly releasing music, be it singles or whole albums in order to stay relevant in the competitive market, but Ba4 has taken a different approach with his projects and has developed a cult fan base in Brazil and India where non-native English speakers love his sound.

I want listeners to know that the music is definitely worth the wait, ”says Ba4. “It’s a breath of fresh air because it’s not like what’s going on right now. The music is so relatable and there is something for everyone. It is also essential for me as an artist, it is to be able to be an artist that people can identify with.

To date, he’s only released five songs on distribution platforms, leaving his audiences wanting more of his music, although he’s not afraid of the comedic antics on his instagram where he has amassed nearly 22,000. subscribers.

His most popular song Dirt gained popularity on Spotify and Apple Music when her fans recreated viral videos of themselves on Instagram using her song as a reference for their daily activities. It is obvious that Ba4 the songwriter talent will serve his growing audience for years to come, although no one is quite sure when to expect another surprise exit from the Ghanaian eclectic.

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