Calvin Harris lists the artists who shaped his musical style



What is the anatomy of a musical genius? Each original groove feeds on the bones of its influences. Music that inspires you gives depth to your voice, and Calvin Harris has studied seriously to make hooks as silky as his.

The Scottish producer recently embarked on a Twitter frenzy. He answered a bunch of questions from fans about his love of house music and his plans for new, original tracks. Now he’s digged deeper into his personal tastes to give fans a list of his favorite musicians over the years. It’s a roadmap for its wiring, so to speak.

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See the latest videos, graphics and news

Harris is a man of classics, but he also has a lot of love for the biggest producers of the 90s and 2000s, which is why there is a new mix of funk, hip-hop and electronica from Fatboy Slim. , Timbaland, OutKast, Goldie and Sly & the Family Stone. Discover her favorites for yourself and be inspired by yourself.

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