Eldrian Lopez is a Filipino musical artist and entrepreneur



Filipino music artist and entrepreneur Eldrian Lopez releases remixed genre music on all online music platforms. He started his life as a musician and entrepreneur in 2021 and the first song of “Morning Paradise”.

To encounter Eldrian by Jose Lopez also known as Eldrian Lopez. The first Filipino musical artist and entrepreneur at the same time. Eldrian was a music remix artist on Youtube and Spotify.

Eldrian by Jose Lopez (born November 12, 1996), known professionally as Eldrian Lopez, is a Filipino musical artist, entrepreneur, web developer, web designer and social media influencer. It is known for its many remix singles “Morning Paradise”, “Paradise Baby Doll” and “Come to Baby Hided” and is notably considered the Remix of Music Genre, as it pioneered mainstream remix music first. in the country.

Eldrian Lopez is known for his many viral remix music on the internet and nationally as a solo artist, music writer.

History & Career

A local remix music public figure is the most prominent musical artist in the Philippines today. It has amassed thousands of combined streams across all digital platforms, such as Spotify and YouTube. He is the pioneer of the Pinoy remix genre, as he started the mainstream remix movement in the country. His remix tracks dominated and went viral on Tiktok App and Facebook Reels.

In October 2022, Eldrian Lopez released the song “Morning Paradise”. The song’s music is about everyday events.


Single Track: 01. Morning Paradise

02. Paradise Doll

03. Come see hidden baby

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He has released hip-hop and remix music on all online music platforms so far. Eldrian Lopez’s music is available on Youtube, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and Spotify. He is also an experienced website developer and IT data manager of a low profile company based in the Philippines.


He works as an editor on Google Adsense – He creates valuable content online and shares it on social media with hundreds of thousands of views. He also works freelance for website development and data management at a company based in the Philippines.

Media Contact
Contact person: Eldrian Lopez
E-mail: Send an email
Country: Philippines
Website: www.eldrianlopez.info

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