George Pham, a young entrepreneur and music artist, pursues new heights in business and music



Many young people are making themselves count in the digital space by taking advantage of the growth opportunities available. George Edwin Pham, professionally known as George Pham, is a young entrepreneur and musical artist, who began to pursue his career in business and music during his growing years.

Born in 2006 in Timaru, New Zealand, Georges pham graduated at age 14 and began his career in business and music creation. Passionate about fashion, style and design, he started selling lifestyle products by learning online marketing through YouTube and social media videos.

George Pham has exceptional communication skills and the entrepreneur knows how to capitalize on any opportunity in the digital world. The entrepreneur didn’t want to live a stressful life of a 9 to 5 job and this made him dive into the entrepreneurial world trusting himself.

He is a self-taught online businessman who invests in the stock market and runs his dropshipping business. George Pham also excels as a musician and is a lo-fi beat artist. He attends the Roncalli College in New Zealand to learn music.

He expresses his feelings and emotions through music by introducing exceptional music and lyrics. Artist George Lofi works to improve his music by reading reviews on his music and he is an inspiration to everyone.

Finding true passion at such a young age and excelling at it really takes a lot of courage and strength. George Pham’s success as an entrepreneur and music really shows how passionately he continues his journey into the world of entrepreneurship and music.

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