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VALDOSTA – A Valdosta family has harmonized in the Top 200 of iTunes.

The gospel group Desmond Roberson and the Roberson Bunch have been singing since 2017.

The members are Desmond Roberson, his wife Tammy and their children: Lamarya, Tamauria, Desmond Jr. and Malia.

Modeling the theme song for the popular TV show “The Brady Bunch”, the Robersons released “Here’s the Story” on May 22. The album reached number 63 on the iTunes charts, Roberson said.

The 10-track record includes “Nothing is Impossible”, “Jesus Loves Me (remix)”, “Zion”, “Strength”, “Lamb Book of Life” and “Working on Me”. The songs were recorded live.

“Here’s the Story” was produced by Eric Brown II, a 17-year-old native of Valdosta, and features music by Brandon Sharper and Antoine Spade Bradley, Roberson said.

He said the album takes listeners on a journey.

Roberson, who has been singing since the age of 12, said the group’s growth happened almost instantly. Since its creation, the ensemble has fulfilled several orders.

“It was like an overnight thing,” Roberson said. “This is how I felt.”

The Roberson Bunch has grown in voice, rehearsals and spiritually over the years, he said.

“We’re closer than before,” Roberson said of his family.

Her 11 year old daughter Malia found it cool and amazing to be able to sing with her parents and siblings. She said playing in the band is not just singing, but spreading God’s message to people.

Roberson echoed his daughter.

“My all-time favorite band is the Clark Sisters, a sister band that sings together,” he said. “So seeing my kids do that, it’s just, it’s a sense of accomplishment like I did.”

The Roberson Bunch was on iTunes alongside artists such as the Clark Sisters and Newsboys.

Roberson said participating in the singing group surrounds his children with positivity.

“I feel like keeping them busy can influence them in other areas,” he said. “… I know if you occupy this time with positivity, then it’s bound to bleed into adulthood.”

He said Roberson Bunch’s message goes beyond music.

“We want to spread some kind of hope for people, not only because of what is happening in society today, but there is nothing like the love of a family”, a- he declared. “Family is everything to us. My life is based on my family singing or not singing.

Growing up as an only child and now a father of eight, Roberson said he was “nothing” without his family.

“Today I can say thank you to God for my great family,” he said. “I like the family environment.

Call (850) 673-1358 to reserve Desmond Roberson and the Roberson Bunch. Find them on Instagram and Facebook @theerobersonbunch.

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