Indian music group grooms budding talent in Nigeria


By Taiye Olayemi

An Indian musical group in Nigeria, Harmony Musical Society Nigeria (HMSN), says it is ready to help nurture the musical talents of Nigerian youth.

Its chairman, Mr. Vikas Gur, said in a statement on Wednesday that the group would provide real platforms for budding talents to express themselves in music and the arts.

Gur said it would give room for cultural integration and encourage musical collaborations between Nigerian and Indian artists.

He said the medium would also be used to raise funds to help the underprivileged in society.

“HMSN is a registered non-profit charity established in 2017 by members of the Indian Diaspora living in Lagos, working from different backgrounds, but deeply sharing a common interest in the field of art and music.

“The group was able to make a very humble beginning in 2017 with just vocals, but branched out and became more inclusive of different art forms.

“Over the past few years, the group has presented unique themes for their musical concerts and captivated the audience, the pandemic period has put a stop to the performances but has not dampened the spirit of the music.

“On April 2, 2022, the band performed their first post-pandemic concert, which brought much-needed entertainment to the Lagos Indian community,” he said.

Mr. Raju Shetty, Vice President of HMSN, said the group will build on the success generated at their last concert held on August 7.

He said the theme was taken from human emotions, traditionally called Navaras.

Furthermore, Ms. Deepali Shetty, Secretary of HMSN, said that the group has taken Indian music and art forms to a different level in a common platform.

According to her, the program will start in earnest.

“At each stage, the band evolves to present something new and entertaining to its audience.

“As we rightly say, music transcends all boundaries. HMSN is making leaps and bounds in showcasing talent as well as in the noble work of bringing smiles to the faces of those less privileged through their charitable work,” she said. (NAN)(

Edited by Folasade Adeniran

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