Jesús Moreno dead, the musical artist “El Rey del Pasaje”,



The Venezuelan singer-songwriter llanera has died. #Jesús Moreno known artistically as #ElReydelPasaje, a figure who occupied a place of high recognition for his successes on the Colombian-Venezuelan stages.

It is with deep regret that I dismiss a great artist, an icon of the folklore of our plain. Fly high Don Jesús Moreno “The King of the Passage”. You left a beautiful legacy with more than 50 years of career, your words will be sown in the soul of the plainsman.

Mr. Jesús Moreno, popularly known as “The King of the Waters”, was born on March 18, 1950 in Saman, Apure. His parents were José Gregorio Moreno and Catalina Salazar de Moreno, the eldest of seven siblings.

From an early age, Jesús Moreno was interested in the tasks of the plain, such as milking, horseback riding and other activities. In 1972 he decided to study as a mechanical industrial technician, and later he specialized in industrial machinery, at the age of 24 he was already an ordinary technician.

The origin of his pseudonym “The King of the Pass” is due to the initiative of journalist Gloria Álvarez, who believed that Mr. Jesús Moreno should have a stage name, which is also the title of the album he has exited.

From hobby to success

The music of Jesús Moreno was born in his adolescence. In 1968, at the age of 17, he began to sing as an amateur in all the llanera parties he met, in the program “Fiesta Llanera” which played La voz de Apure.

He stayed there for about two years, translating the songs of Francisco Montoya, when he was one of the most performed singers.

His first recording dates back to 1970, when Mr. Saberio Graterol, owner of Lolimar Records, heard him and at that time he recorded the songs: “Que te perdone el diablo” and “Mi wish”, these became a great success . . on a national level

That same year, Moreno managed to position himself as “El Rey del Pasaje”, a nickname coined by the owner of the company he worked for, Evelio Álvarez. Later, Jesús Moreno released his next album, titled “El Rey del Pasaje”.

One of his many hits was called “Punto Final” by composer Tissot Silva. Apureño was named cultural heritage on August 6, 2006 for his career.

During his artistic career, Jesús Moreno has released many hits such as: “Friends, girlfriends and lovers”, “The only one”, “Love me forever”, etc.

Don Jesús Moreno has a career spanning over 50 years in the art world, receiving numerous awards including: “Fortín de Oro”, “Cucarachero de Oro”, “Naiguatá de Oro”, “Torreón de Oro” and Diamante “, “Alma Llanera” “Honourable mention.

Since 2020, Jesús Moreno has been preparing his next musical project, a song dedicated to “El Rey de Reyes” with very special songs by great composers such as: Tirso Silva, Simón Enrique Hidalgo, Terry José Herrera and more. .

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