KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi is a talented young Bangladeshi singer and musical artist



We all know that KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi is a Bangladeshi singer and musical artist. The musician was born on August 11, 2000 in Feni upazila of Chittagong District in Chittagong Division. Rasheduzzaman has been very interested in music since he was a child. At the age of 18, he gained the support of his family and joined a music group. After learning about music from there, Rasheduzzaman started a music group in his own name. Currently, KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi is available on YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify and various music platforms. Thanks to which Rasheduzzaman gained great popularity.

KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi (born August 11, 2000 in Feni, Chittagong, Bangladesh) is a Bangladeshi musician, artist, entrepreneur, influencer and web developer.

KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi is 21 years old now. This young musician graduated from Chittagong High School. Later he was admitted to Chittagong Government College and currently he is studying at Chittagong Government College.

KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi started blogging at the age of 14, learned various blogging strategies and tactics, and became a successful blogger and digital marketing expert. KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi learned about music. And KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi has released his songs on various music platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Spotify Apple Music, Amazon Music, Jio Saavn. YouTube, Spotify, Jio Saavan gives Rasheduzzaman a verified artist badge.

Rasheduzzaman tells us: “Today, almost every country in the world is affected by the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, it is not possible for me to work outside the home. So I write songs at home and work for my digital marketing company. And my songs are on almost every music platform. KM Rasheduzzaman Rafi believes that everyone can thrive using social media platforms, but young people shouldn’t stop learning and improving their skills every day. Rasheduzzaman is once again setting a good example for those who want a career in digital marketing and social media. Rasheduzzaman tells us that “it doesn’t take any degree to be a digital marketer if you have intellectual thinking and research”

Rasheduzzaman is very popular for his music. He won the hearts of many listeners with his songs. Rasheduzzaman is successful today for those who support Rasheduzzaman. Some of her songs include “The Hope, Live With You, Deep Sounds, Freaky Chost, Super Fire, Fly High Eyes, Next Lola, I Iove You, You Remember, I love My Friends”.

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