Robyn Johnson, aka Lil Bit Saucy, is truly making a meteoric rise on the success ladder. She made history as LEGO Kid’s first-ever creative director, toured with That Girl Lay Lay and more, and now 12-year-old Lil Bit Saucy has joined a new all-girl musical group, GLOTIVATION.

Building on their hit reality series GLO UP GIRLS, Far Out Records, a division of Far Out Toys Inc.formed a new girl group, GLOTIVATION. Their first single was with TikTok star McKenzi Brooke and it was a smash hit. Fans are lining up and expecting a lot more from these talented rising stars.

Joining the dynamic girl group alongside Johnson are:

Malikah “Sparkle” Shabbazzi

Malikah “Sparkle” Shabbazzi is an accomplished 12-year-old singer, dancer, and motivational speaker from Los Angeles, California. Additionally, Malikah is a brand ambassador for Mixed Chicks hair products and she is proud to be a member of Girls make beats, which is, if you haven’t heard, a global movement empowering the next generation of female music producers, DJs and sound engineers. Talent in the entertainment industry is truly a family affair as Malikah’s uncle is none other than Mr. Bobby Brown himself. Malikah’s goal for the future is to become a heavyweight in the music industry, in addition to becoming a business owner. She wants to play a key role in mentoring young people.

Liliana “Lulu” Tani

Liliana “Lulu” Tani is a 13 year old singer, musician and songwriter. This talented singer is not only the newest member of GLOTIVATION, she is also a member of several singing groups in her home state of Utah. Liliana’s talent extends beyond her voice as she plays multiple instruments, aspiring to graduate from a college music program with plans to become a professional photographer and costume designer.

Abigail Zoe Lewis

Abigail Zoe Luis is a 14-year-old actress, singer, and taekwondo black belt from Orange County, California. She is deeply involved in non-profit work and is passionate about helping people. Looking to the future, Abigail wants to cultivate growth in her acting and singing career in hopes of working with a humanitarian organization focused on food, shelter, employment, and mental health.

According to a recent press release, music industry heavyweights Tor Hyams and Lisa St. Lou are producing the new group. Tor is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and record producer who started Kidzapalooza and Austin Kiddie Limits to compose music and make new video content. Plus, New York-based Lisa, a professional recording artist with Broadway credits, will coach the girls vocally and help them find their “GLO.”

Robyn, you did it again! We can’t wait to see what you surprise us with next!

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