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Louis Tomlinson has long established himself as a talented lyricist, writing numerous hits as both a solo artist and a member of the record-breaking and highly regarded group One Direction, writing over thirty of the group’s tracks, mostly on their three latest albums. .

As a solo artist, Louis further emphasizes his lyrical gift, with pieces such as Two of us just like you hold on and Kill my mind.

Louis recently caught up with Gordon Smart of Radio X, to discuss his musical journey so far, in the six-minute video uploaded to the Kill my mindingers Youtube channel they discuss his music and his influences. It’s a compelling video, which gives a clear insight into how Louis sees his music and what he wants to do to move forward.

“I just have to trust my instincts.” – Louis Tomlinson

It’s also the type of chat we think most fans would love to have with Louis, chatting about the music over a pint or two!

Not content with dropping this video, Louis also announced his new single. We did it comes out this week.

He will also appear on James Corden’s Late Late Show, and if that wasn’t enough, he announced that his new album Walls will be published on January 31, 2020.

You can pre-order walls here through Louis’ online store, to get some really cool products and priority to access future dates when they are announced!

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