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Znika has learned to read negative comments with a sense of patient grace, blocking out negative comments that aren’t motivated, not taking that energy with her, and accepting that most negative comments are projections of the commentator.

It is with this growing sense of security that Lizzerd Kween confidently records and produces his music.

“It’s quite difficult sometimes, sometimes it can get stressful but it’s really exciting, it’s almost like I’m really surprised at how ‘easy’ it is, every time they say, do it, just start, you have to start somewhere, they’re right.

“So I’m just getting started even though I don’t have all the equipment and everything, it’s just exciting to know that I’m getting out of music, but I’m just at the beginning, so even if it’s not the best quality it’s only I’m going to get better because I’m going to invest in equipment and my skills will only get better with time so it’s humbling and it’s good to know that everything is fine wherever you start,” said Znika.

However, despite how easily Znika comes across as self-producing, she enlists the help of a producer for particular tracks, as the freelance artist only funds and budgets her production time.

“There are a lot of times I have to invest when I go to the producer and I have to save money and I still have to pay bills and then I need food and everything, so that’s literally all that that I have left then I can use it for music and if I don’t have enough, too bad,” Znika said.

Initially starting her path in music in November 2020, Znika has a total of 1,820 monthly Spotify listeners streaming her music. Lizzerd Kween was broadcast by listeners from another continent, with one of Znika’s best listeners being a 17-year-old named Phil in Germany.

“One of my biggest supporters is this little boy in Germany. I’m not lying, there’s this 17-year-old kid in Germany, he comments on all my videos and stuff and they show me they have like countdowns for my song releases. They get notifications and they say “you really are one of my favorite artists” and they sent me screenshots of their Spotify. And, yeah, that’s that’s when I’m like, oh my god, I really am this kid’s favorite artist.

Znika’s EP, “The Journal Entries” and singles can be streamed on Spotify and SoundCloud and can be found under his artist name Lizzerd Kween on all social media platforms.

Znika said, “Lizzerd Kween was a nickname given to me by a friend in my senior year of high school and it stuck like my group of friends always called me ‘Lizzerd Kween’ and there was always a lot of elements and stuff in my life that made the nickname more and more appropriate, it gave me a lot of confidence, so I did my socials that and all. I never imagined it would become my artist name, but since it was on all my social media and was already my nickname, I thought it was a good choice.

“I was like, ‘I was supposed to release music as ‘Lizzerd Kween.'”

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