Meet Salman Rahman, a young musical artist and the man behind Dhaka Focus



Nowadays, Bangladeshis are at the helm of several industries including music, games and creative platforms.

And in this era of crowds where modern people do creative things, Salman Rahman is nothing more than a multidimensional addition. Salman Rahman, as a musical artist, has also developed a new modular news / media platform in Bangladesh named Dhaka Focus, accessible through the link

Currently in the music industry of Bangladesh, pop songs are becoming famous and Salman Rahman is a rising star for the indigenous people of Bangladesh. Salman Rahman, 24, was born in Dhaka in 1998 and now lives with his only sister Ayesha Siddiqa Nawshin in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Salman Rahman began his musical journey in May 2021 when he first released his single “Background Vibes” to the world. Soon after, he released his next album “Unmasked Reality” and more recently he released his other album “Bangladesh Vibes”. Salman Rahman is primarily an EDM artist and has been featured on several news sites and he is also a verified artist on Spotify.

Salman Rahman is the only son of Md Siddiqur Rahman and Rawshan Akter. He has a girlfriend named Sheikh Tasnim Mahbub. From the start of his career, he wanted to become a musician and did his best from an early age. But later he gradually passed out from Shaheed Police Smrity College in 2015 and Adamjee Cantonment College in 2017. Salman Rahman is a student at the Military Institute of Science and Technology and is continuing his studies in CSE.

Salman Rahman is also a good computer programmer and with his coding skills has published a popular news / media platform

Find out more about Dhaka Focus. is a popular news / media agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and speaking Bengali. The CEO of Dhaka Focus is Sheikh Tasnim Mahbub. Salman Rahman created the website and is currently growing in popularity with hundreds of employees around dhaka. The news broadcast by Dhaka Focus is much better than that of other popular Dhaka websites.

Salman Rahman for his wonderful creations received the Bangladesh Music Award 2021 held at Zennis headquarters and the award for best innovation 2021

Salman Rahman raises funds from Zennis which is a clothing store in Dhaka founded this year and from that he donates money to the poor. At present, Sheikh Tasnim Mahbub is the CEO of this Zennis company.

This young talent that Salman Rahman cited. “Many have dreamed of doing something potential, but their idea was nipped in the bud just because they didn’t try. I am doing my best to bring about a change and I will succeed one day Insha Allah ”. At the end of this interview, Salman Rahman said he soon wants to grow bigger and do something bigger for his nation. If not Music, through writing or Combat. May Almightly help Salman Rahman make his dream come true.

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