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(Editorial YourDigitalWall): – Dhaka, Bangladesh July 3, 2021 ( – Samrat Khan, a 25-year-old Bangladeshi music artist, entrepreneur and digital marketer who started his career studying side by side, dreamed of achieving something big. Samrat Khan Born in 1995 in Cumilla.

Along with his studies, he launched his social media platform, helping in various campaigns for various industries to grow their business using the same digital marketing strategies he used to develop his own brand.

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This is what made Samrat Khan a household name in the social media world. Becoming one of the top influencers and having a great experience, Samrat Khan left nothing to chance for maximum income generation and social media marketing. Thus passing the same to others. It is his dream to become a millionaire and there is no turning back for Samrat Khan.

His tactics, work experience and knowledge have helped a number of people in different ways achieve their goals. He has also collaborated with a number of renewed brands. Samrat Khan also has his hands in the Bollywood industry as he leads various campaigns for films and social media ads.

Samrat Khan is a public figure who has reached millions of people thanks to his status on social media and inspiring young people who want to persuade their careers in the same direction. He’s always networked and on the go. He has millions of views and followers and people consider him an idol.

He still holds a powerful position numerically. His campaign is noted and recognized around the world. Samrat Khan has ensured success for a number of brands he has collaborated with with his ability to see trends long before they start to catch on.

He is widely known as one of the best in the business for creating organic viral growth and pairing it with paid digital media campaigns for his clients and achieving a commendable name in the industry.

He is the owner and CEO of “Feedlin”

Asked about his digital game, Samrat Khan said: “You have to pay attention to the needs of your audience, it is also important to be real and authentic with them. The best way to influence people is to know what kind of content to expect. I always strive to be original rather than following someone. If your content and concept is interesting and unique, it will definitely appeal to the target audience. Once you’ve learned to read people’s minds, you’re good to go! “

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