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Life didn’t slow down for singer-songwriter Madison Malone when the world halted in-person musical performances for the COVID-19 pandemic.

From March to December, the Portage native streamed live music for 245 consecutive days. She also appeared on ABC’s General Hospital in August, produced songs for her upcoming album, and got married on Boxing Day.

“Everyone keeps using the term ‘pivot,’ and I certainly pivoted,” said Malone, the 2012 Portage High School graduate who has lived in Los Angeles since 2016.

For much of her professional career, Malone toured the United States and Europe with in-person performances. After a performance in Baraboo in February 2020, his plane touched down in Nashville, Tennessee, just about an hour before devastating tornadoes touched down in the area in early March. Malone turned this event into a benefit concert for those affected by tornadoes and helped clean up debris for a week.

Then Malone performed a show in New York on March 11 — the same day the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic.

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“It was crazy,” Malone said. “Everything changed the next day. Everything stopped. »

At home, Malone sang lullabies in live streams every night until December 10 and she continues to play her music through live streams while venues in her area remain closed.

“I felt like I had to do something to bring us all together and calm down and just talk,” Malone said of Lullabies last year.

Malone and his wife Helen Cavallo had planned to wed in September but delayed their ceremony due to the pandemic. They finally surprised visiting family and friends with a ceremony in Malone’s garden on December 26.

“I had written a song about wanting to marry him under a tree, and then it all came together,” Malone said.

Cavallo is the head chef at Food and Bounty Catering located at Sunset Gower Studios, a 14-acre television and film studio in Hollywood. Cavallo is also the host of “That’s Fresh”, a short-form cooking show produced by Disney.

Malone’s music has been featured on ABC’s General Hospital several times in recent years and she made her first on-screen appearance in the episode “Nurses Ball” which aired August 21, 2020. Her performance in the episode was to be filmed in March. before it was pushed back to August.

“I felt very lucky and blessed to know that at some point in 2020 I would be on TV,” Malone said of the gig, adding that she knows many musicians in LA who have had to relocate. in 2020, some even changing their careers. .

Malone’s music was also recently featured in three episodes of ABC’s “20/20” and one episode of “CBS This Morning.”

The entertainer is optimistic that she will soon be able to perform in-person concerts again as larger venues in her area begin to open as they face fewer spacing issues than smaller venues, a- she declared.

“I think in a few weeks it will open up more,” Malone said of his future. Malone’s last in-person gig was a drive-in event held in June 2020 in Malibu, California.

People can buy her new lullaby songs wherever music is online, including Spotify, Apple and Pandora. She’s releasing one lullaby a month for the rest of 2021, including a cover of Cindy Lauper’s “True Colors” on June 17.

For more information on Malone, visit or search “Madison Malone Music” on Facebook.

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