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Recently there is this news surfacing on social media claiming the death of musical artist Amapiano named “Thabang Thanyane”, known professionally as “Jobe London” on August 26, 2021, Friday. In addition, according to rumors, the singer died of cancer. To add more conviction to this rumor, the person who spread the news of London’s death also pointed to the singer’s latest performance. Well, a few weeks ago singer Jobe London who is popularly loved and admired among his followers for his famous style of deep house music Amapiano was seen live on stage.

Musical artist Jobe London is dead or alive?

During the show, London was seen walking off the stage looking extremely thin and not as usual. London was born and raised in the township of Mqpetla in South Africa and resides in the city of Johannesburg, Soweto. The city of Johannesburg is also known as “The City of Gold” where the infatuation of the talented singer London is beyond normal. After news of his passing broke on social media, many of his fans are still struggling to digest this new information and at the same time the only question lingering in their minds is whether Jobe London is alive or dead . ?

Apart from being an amazing Amapiano musical artist, London is also best known for their amazing dance moves and is also recognized as one of the leading influencers and contributors to bring and create Amapinao sounds which are a composition of Kwaito, Jazz, Lounge and Deep House genre of House music. As a passionate artist, London started releasing music very early on, however, his biggest breakthrough was his hit song, “Sukendleleni” with KAMO Mpehla and Mphow69, released in 2019.

Sukendleleni’s song became a huge hit and continued to stay at the top for weeks after its release. Subsequently, London released numerous songs including ‘Mayonice’ by DBN Gogo and later continued to release their debut EP Sound from the South with Mphow 69, who is an Amapiano producer. London is an entertainer by profession and has performed on many major stages and has also broadcast award shows including the DSTV Choice Awards and the Massive Music Awards. Last year, 2020 to be precise, the singer signed to Roster Entertainment Academy and Soweto Music, joining G-Snap and Killer Kau.

Jobe London is alive or dead is no longer a mystery now, as the artist recently took to his official Twitter account named “@JobeLondon” and tweeted “Stop It”, followed by another tweet, “You are all so insensitive Bruh “. After this tweet, many of his fans are now relieved to know that their favorite artist is unharmed and all the rumors of his death are just unfounded and inhumane lies. In addition, Jobe London has also announced their next project with Killer Kau which will be released soon on October 1, 2021.

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