Rapper Chauhan, a young Indian musical artist



Rapper Chauhan is a young musical artist who has reached the pinnacle of success in a short time. Rapper Chauhan was born in a small locality of Subhash Nagar, Mumbai. He studied till 3rd standard in Mumbai. After that he moved to Delhi where he continued his education. When the young rapper was in the 11th standard, he began to earn money to create a music studio. He started writing rap songs when he was eleven years old. He set up a music studio and started learning how to make music. Her song “Tere Moonh Mein” was highly praised by listeners and amassed more than a lake of YouTube views in just one day after its release. Rapper Chauhan has a good number of listeners on Spotify.

Rapper Chauhan started his career in 2019 collaborating with a few musicians. All of these musicians have lost hope, but Rapper has worked hard to become a heart-winning rapper. Rapper Chauhan has sung a number of rap songs. Some of his songs are Lockdown, Tere Moonh Mein and Kal ke Bachche. His versatility in both singing and rapping proves his talent.

Currently, rapper Chauhan is not only a musical artist, but also the CEO of the American company Digital Tunes. His fight proves that the sweet fruit of success comes from hard work. The versatile musical artist, rapper Chauhan was born on September 29, 1996 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Rapper Chauhan runs a label “Desi Mukka Music”. He has helped various artists to emerge in the music industry. He is working on various ongoing projects that are yet to come. His fans are waiting for his next title which may be released soon.

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