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Four Russian girls, part of a musical group that prefers to play instrumental music from almost any country, were in Chandigarh to perform at an event. While these girls – Tania, Natasha, Lisa and Taniya – were together in India, it was actually their first meeting. Tania said: “We are all meeting for the first time. In fact, we belong to a group where anyone who is available has to travel for the show.” In India, the girls distributed Indian tunes. “I have a fascination with Indian music and have been playing it for almost two years,” Tania said, adding, “But mujhe Hindi nahi aati.” Explaining the difference between Russian and Indian musical forms, she said: “They are both completely different. Since music is a universal language, we understand the rhythms and notes of songs from other countries and then play them. When we ask the meaning of any Hindi song, we are often told that they are about love because most Hindi songs define pyar. In Russian or Western music, you would know what note would come next in a song, but that is not the case with Hindi songs. In Bollywood music, any unexpected note could be this: “Sharing personal experience, Tania believes that Indians are everywhere and their music can touch anyone, regardless of boundaries.” Once I do. was in Spain for a Spanish performance and by mistake a piece in Hindi was played. It was, I guess, Balam Pichkari. You wouldn’t believe what happened next. was Indian and was very excited to hear the song in Spain. ”

In India at a time when festivities are in the air, these girls speak of their love for Indian traditions, and are in awe of the festivities. “Recently I have observed festivals like Karwa Chauth and Dussehra and I was quite fascinated by the traditions. Now that Diwali is approaching, I am very excited to be in India and to celebrate this too,” said Tania. Natasha added, “I was here last time during Diwali and it was heaven. Loved the crackers and the lights in every nook and cranny. In our country there is hardly any festival. outside of New Years. ”

– Faguni Verma

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