Strictly: Musical group claims they were kicked out of It Takes Two after asking to be paid



A musical group claimed that they had been excluded from Come dance strictly‘s sister show after asking to be paid.

Amaraterra, a group of professional musicians who perform traditional music from southern Italy, was invited to participate in a daily talk show. It takes two while professional dancers Nadiya Bychkova and Graziano Di Prima performed.

However, group member Cassandre Balosso-Bardin said The Guardian that when they asked for a fee to participate, they were told that “there was no money in the budget to pay contributors”.

Instead, the group was promised a “free meal” and “a decent amount of screen time” in order to grow their audience online.

“I hope when things get back to normal and the arts are final[ly] restored, participating in this [recording] because such a great show will benefit you, ”the group was told.

Zoe Ball presents on ‘Strictly – It Takes Two’


Amaraterra responded by asking to be paid according to the Musicians’ Union rates for session work, in addition to rehearsal time. Balosso-Bardin claims they did not hear from the BBC for several days and were later told they would not be performing again.

The musician said The Guardian: “The days of ‘It’ll give you visibility’ (something all musicians know all too well) are over. What exhibition? Why?

“We will not have concerts these days and we will not sell any album because we have none to sell, not being able to afford its production. They want us and our expertise, but they won’t pay for it.

A BBC spokesperson commented: “As we do with many artists, we discussed a performance proposal with Amaraterra for It takes two this ultimately did not happen for editorial reasons. If they had played, of course they would have been paid for their appearance.

It takes two airs on BBC Two Monday through Friday and sees hosts Zoe Ball and Rylan Clark-Neal interviewing the show’s contestants, judges and celebrity fans about the show.

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