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Born January 24, 1994, Iman Tucker of Fort Bragg embodied the power of determination. The Indianapolis-based Dj and Entrepreneur has achieved several milestones throughout the year. As a true entrepreneur, he also raised several companies. CardBoard, the success of an online whiteboard business has helped Tucker to triumph in the field of advanced technology. With his in-depth knowledge of the market and an appropriate action plan, Tucker was able to propel the company to new heights.

Among many life-changing experiences, one of those moments was when Tucker opened up and shared the stage with some of the greatest performers in the Christian music industry including Andy Mineo, Cory Asbusry, KB and Steven Malcolm. When we asked him about this experience, he said, “This experience has indeed been a transformative experience. I was happy with myself that I got the results of my hard work.

Contrary to popular belief, Tucker’s journey has not been smooth. Playing the saxophone at the age of 12 is his very first encounter with music. Much to everyone’s dismay, Tucker was diagnosed with rare but aggressive cancer at the age of 14. As an optimistic person, he saw the situation as the second chance of his life and he came out of it stronger than ever.

After winning his battle with cancer, Tucker joined his high school track team, which ultimately earned him a scholarship to the University of Indianapolis. By serving as a captain for 3 years and obtaining the highest cumulative average, he made a success of his university life. While pursuing an MBA, he realized his love for music. At a college party, he realized his love for being a music coach.

After struggling a few more years, Tucker was introduced to Jeremy Gearries, a DJ business owner who extended his contacts to Nick Saligoe (DJ Metrognome). Over the years, Tucker has started performing for some of the larger churches. Landing multiple mixes in MixCloud’s Top 100 charts is one of the biggest milestones he’s achieved so far.

At the same time, Tucker also sharpened his entrepreneurial skills. Believe Brand Co. is one of its most successful businesses that portrays who you are. Among many viral designs, the one with “love everyone” has a lot of love from people. Success for him means leaving a positive impact on people and we can all see that his work as a DJ and as an entrepreneur already makes him one of the most successful people.

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