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And like every year, the writers had a lot to do this year. From city and county on Tulsa County Jail issues to Representative Sally Kern’s barrage of bills to Republicans reclaiming the United States House of Representatives, the 26 musical numbers and skits cover a wide range.

“It has to be balanced in a lot of ways,” Ungerman said. “It’s really a Tulsa show, that’s where the focus is. But we really need a balance between national, state and local and we want to balance both sides of the aisle. So we have Republicans happily singing the house cover to a Talking Heads song. And we have Democrats terrifyingly wondering what state their state is in. We laugh at Obama, we praise Obama.

Most of the songs are parodies of popular songs, which helps the audience to connect, she said. And this year’s new band leader Jordan Hehl brings a new take on the arrangements and live performances of the songs.

While the show never aims to be mean, it always aims to be funny. Topical and timely also helps. As for the medley of the show on the Gathering Place for Tulsa, which made the headlines recently after a spat on the sidewalk.

“Almost all of them are good sports,” Ungerman said of the targets of the teasing. “We want people to have fun. We never want people to have that “ooo” feeling. There were a few numbers that I ran through the cast because I wasn’t sure. A minute later, I looked at the faces and said, ‘OK, we won’t do this song about torture.’ It was too much.”

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